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Public Stigma of Problem Gambling

social stigmatization

For gamblers, the habit leads them to various stages. Despite results, gamblers play and that is when the habit starts. Eventually, it goes on worsening. One of the types is called problem gambling in which the player goes on gambling despite continuously, in hope that he will win one big game and recover all lost money.

Even if he feels a strong desire to stop it becomes impossible for him to stop especially when he is losing game after game. Gambling often brings public health ahead. The public stigma of problem gambling has a lot of signs of negative effect or harm to public health. It could be dangerous if a lost gambler attacks publically in a state of mental frustration.

public gambling

Sign of public gambling:-

  • Misses family events
  • Has conflict due to money with other people
  • One stops to enjoy the things as earlier
  • Sleep or/and food pattern changes drastically
  • Increase in drug or alcohol intake
  • Ignorance towards self and family

These signs are most dangerous as they may lead to the complete destruction of normal life. Gambling also leads to a person getting detached slowly but firmly from society. The social stigmatization of gambling disorder leads to loss of emotions, social detachment, negative behavior, and discrimination.

Gambling habits are observed mostly among people with unstable mindsets. The people who are not strong enough to make decisions and let others take charge of them. This is the beginning of their slide and later they start to go further down on their own. A person showing mental health disorders and personality traits are prone to have a problem gambling. Factors like age and sex also matter as this is observed in the youths and middle-aged people more often.

The labeling of gambling disorders can vary according to causes and symptoms. They may occur due to problems in relationships, money, legality, or health.

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